Are you a pickleball player who can't stand the thought of picking up a tennis racket? Then the "Tennis Sucks Sticker" from Bread & Butter Pickleball Co. is the perfect way to express your feelings on the matter.

Featuring the bold message "TENNIS SUCKS" in a font that's sure to get noticed, this sticker is the perfect way to let everyone know where you stand. And with its durable design, you can be sure it will stick around through even the most intense pickleball matches.

But why do pickleball players dislike tennis so much, you ask? Well, let's just say that pickleball players have a hard time with anything that involves standing still for too long. Plus, have you ever tried to hit a fuzzy yellow ball with a tiny racket? It's just not as satisfying as slamming a pickleball over the net, you know?

So if you're a proud pickleball player who's not afraid to show a little attitude, the "Tennis Sucks Sticker" is the way to go. Just be prepared for some confused looks from your tennis-playing friends - they just don't understand the power of the pickle.


Perfect for your water bottle, cooler, or vehicle.

5"x2"  vinyl sticker with exterior grade laminate. Strong enough to withstand the elements, and can survive the dishwasher.