So, you want to be a B&B Baller?

That's great to hear! We are super appreciative of all the support we've gotten from individuals and the community at large. We have had a ton of people ask when this program would launch and it's finally here. Take a moment to read below and learn a little bit more about the program. If you are excited about working with us, fill out the application below.

Who Can Apply.

If you love pickleball and are a fan of our brand that is a great start. If you love to talk to people and don't mind letting them demo a paddle, even better. If you are all of these things and want to make some side hustle money while you are at it, then lets freaking go! We encourage anyone that wants to rep us to apply for the program.

Make Some Cash.

If you are repping our brand and moving paddles for us, you are gonna get paid. We can't be everywhere at once so having people on the courts sharing their codes while selling our gear is a big win for us and we wants to share that sucess with you. All of our Ambassadors get paid a commission on the sales they generate. We have one of those most generous commission structures in the game.

Get the Latest Gear.

One of perks of our program is getting to try the newest stuff we come out with before the rest of public gets to try it. To be clear, this doesn't mean that every ambassador gets early access but the best of the best will get to preorder or even try sample paddles that we are considering for launch. We will also be curating special gear that only ambassadors can get. We got perks, if you got your sales game on point.If all of this is sounding great, fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

B&B Baller Brand Ambassador Application

To be considered for B&B Baller brand ambassadorship, please contact us using the form below. Fill out as much as you can. Some of the fields are absolutely required, others just help serve us to get to know you a bit better. Once we receive your application, we'll review it as soon as possible, and will be in contact with a approval decision, or further questions.