Bread & Butter
Pickleball Co.

The unexpected birth of a brand

This is Doug and Brodie...

Their story started when their recently divorced parents met at an insurance adjuster's conference in Boise. Their parents fell in love and were married during a layover in Vegas. When they returned home, the two became stepbrothers and were forced to move in together. “When we first met, we hated each other” recalls Brodie,“ I tried to slash Doug's drum set with my Randy Jackson-signed samurai sword.” “I tried to bury Brodie alive in our front yard after a heated argument over the artistic merits of the show Baywatch” said Doug.

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After a while, Doug and Brodie realized they had more in common than they thought, including their secret attraction for John Stamos and love of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. Before they knew it, a fast friendship was born, and they both knew what they were put on this earth to do, start a multinational tennis conglomerate, and name it Tennis Worldwide. The two quickly leveraged their relationships and raised enough seed money to start their venture. They put in the man hours, focusing on financial management, security, and computers. They were also integral in introducing black leather gloves into the sport of tennis.

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Just as their meteoric rise to the top of the tennis industry appeared to have no end, a tragic maritime accident during a commercial shoot abruptly dashed their dreams. Plagued by lawsuits and seemingly endless boat repair costs, the two were forced to shut down their business and declare that #TENNISSUCKS!


Months passed, and the two were feeling dejected. One morning, while sitting at the breakfast table, Doug and Brodie were contemplating what they would do with their futures. They knew they had an immensity of pure raw talent and magnitude of business acumen that has seldom been seen in mere mortals. Just then, their faithful dog, Mrs.Pickles, came running through the kitchen chasing a wiffle ball, then swiftly lept onto the table and stole the bread & butter which the boys were dining on. Just like so many other unexpected great moments in history that changed the course of humanity, such as Steve Gutenberg inventing the printing press, or Leonardo DiCaprio painting the Moan of Lisa, Doug and Brodie knew they had to change the direction of Pickleball forever. Thus the Bread & Butter Pickleball Company was born.

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Mrs. Pickles

The dog with the sour dill soul that inspired the brand that would change the direction of Pickleball forever.

Tennis Worldwide

The now defunct multinational tennis conglomerate that put Doug and Brodie on the map, and made fingerless black leather gloves a part of every tennis player's game.