Practice makes perfect. And practice means running through drills. Using a quality pickleball paddle works wonders too.

Pickleball drills help you develop techniques that give you the edge over your opponent. What's more: They teach you how to observe and accurately interpret any given situation in order to take advantage of opportunities.

Thanks to pickleball drills, picklers become adept at anticipating their opponents' strategies before they have time to execute them. This gives them the perfect opportunity for victory!

When getting into the world of pickleball, spend some time doing drills. They may seem repetitive; however, the practice will eventually pay off.

Pickleball drills increase:

  • Muscle memory
  • Agility
  • Reaction time
  • Proper footwork
  • Coordination
  • Power

Let's go through this list of skills you need to crush the competition. We're going to examine the benefits of each, starting with improved muscle memory.

Increased Muscle Memory

Have you ever been in the middle of a pickleball game and had the feeling that your body just knew what to do? That's what we call muscle memory. And practicing drills that increase muscle memory will take your game to the next level.

It's not just about how fast your reflexes are: Having strong muscle memory helps you be more efficient with your moves, giving you an edge over your opponents. There are three ways increased muscle memory helps you win a pickleball game. They include:

  • Moving with confidence
  • Quick responses
  • Mental fatigue reduction

Move With Confidence And Accuracy

When playing pickleball, there is no time to think before making a move. Muscle memory allows you to make decisions instantly and accurately, without second-guessing yourself or hesitating. This gives you an advantage because it means that your opponents have less time to react to your shots.

Respond Quickly To Your Opponent’s Shots

With increased muscle memory comes quicker reaction times. This helps when attempting to respond quickly to shots from your opponent. When you know what move comes next without having to think about it, it gives you more time to prepare.

Mental Fatigue Reduction

Let's face it: Playing sports takes mental energy as well as physical energy. When your mind is tired from having to constantly make decisions on the court, your performance will suffer as a result. With increased muscle memory, those decisions become automatic and require less mental effort from you.

Muscle Memory: Wrapping Up

Muscle memory is an incredibly useful skill for all athletes—not just pickleball players—to hone and develop as much as possible. It takes practice and repetition; however, this skill pays off in terms of both accuracy and speed on court. Muscle memory helps you secure those wins! So get out there, grab a paddle, and start practicing drills!

Increased Agility

Agility—moving quickly with grace—is one of the most important skills to winning pickleball games. You understand the importance of agility if you're good at any other sport. That's why you should do drills that improve your agility.

Three ways increased agility helps you win pickleball matches include:

  • Quick footwork
  • Vertical speed
  • Full-body rapidness

Let's talk about footwork first.

Quick Feet = Quick Thinking

Having quick feet gives you the advantage in pickleball matches against slower opponents. When your feet move faster, you have more time to think about where to send the ball. After all, you can get to the ball lightning fast!

The saying "slow and steady wins the race" does not apply in pickleball.

Reach for the Sky

When it comes to pickleball, it pays to be agile! Being able to jump higher, stretch farther, and reach wider will help you hit shots that your opponent didn’t expect you could make—giving you an edge in terms of accuracy and placement.

Plus, having better jumping power gives you more control over where the ball goes. That way, you can set up those tricky shots that will throw off your opponent's strategies!

Move Faster, Win Faster 

If there’s one thing pickleball players love more than anything else, it’s this: Speed! Having increased agility allows you to move quickly from one side of the court to another without losing any momentum or energy.

That way, when you need to get back into position after hitting a shot or returning an opponent's serve, you don't have any delay—which means less time for your opponents to react and more time for you!

Agility: Wrapping Up

Increased agility is key when it comes to playing pickleball at a competitive level—and not just because it looks cool on the court! Being able to move quickly around the court gives you extra time for thinking strategically and hitting shots your opponents won't see coming. This will help ensure victory every time!

Increased Reaction Time

Everyone knows a quick reaction time will help you win a pickleball game. If you can’t react quickly enough to your opponent’s shots, you don’t stand much of a chance of winning.

But how do you increase your reaction time? Is there a secret formula or magic trick? Nope! The key is running through the right drills.

Three ways to increase your reaction time include:

  • Improving your focus
  • Moving your feet
  • Practice, practice, and practice

Let's jump into improving focus.

Improve Your Focus

If you want to increase your reaction time, the first thing you need to improve is your focus.

When playing pickleball, it's important to stay focused on the ball so that when your opponent takes their shot, you're ready to quickly react. To stay focused, try taking deep breaths before each point.

Move Your Feet

Another way to increase your reaction time is by moving your feet as soon as possible after each shot from your opponent. The sooner you move around the court, the more likely it is that you'll be in position for their next serve.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to get better at anything is to practice, and this holds true when it comes to improving your reaction time! Start off by practicing drills that require quick thinking and fast reflexes like running back-and-forth across the court while hitting balls over the net with different levels of intensity.

Playing against someone who challenges you with different types of shots (lobs, smashes, etc.) will help increase your reaction time. As you continue practicing these drills over time, not only will they help improve muscle memory but they'll also make sure that whenever an opponent takes their shot—you know exactly how to respond!

Reaction Time: Wrapping Up

Having a good reaction time is essential if you want to consistently win pickleball games. Thankfully there are steps we can take such as focusing on our breath or improving our footwork.

Practicing drills designed for improving reflexes will help us become faster in reacting. Get out there and start boosting those reaction times so that—before long—you'll be picking up wins in no time!

Proper Footwork

Ask any boxer if proper footwork is essential. Muhammad Ali would "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". The same holds true for pickleball! Muhammad Ali ran through drills to improve his footwork. And you should too!

Three ways proper footwork can help you win a game of pickleball include:

  • Reaction time
  • Good positioning
  • Elevated power

Let's discuss reaction time first.

Quick Reactions

When playing pickleball, you need quick reflexes. Proper footwork helps with this by enabling you to move quickly across the court and respond to shots more quickly. This is especially important if your opponent hits a shot that requires an immediate response. With good footwork, you’ll be able to get into position quickly and make the return shot with plenty of time to spare.

Optimized Positioning

Having good footwork allows you to move effectively around the court and be in the right spot at the right time. You don’t want to be too far away from where the ball is landing or too close (or you'll be on top of it). Good footwork enables you to stay in the perfect spot for making those crucial shots and returning serves with ease.

Improved Power & Control

Finally, having good footwork helps improve both your power and control when hitting shots. By getting into a good stance before each shot, you’ll generate more power and have better control over where each shot goes on the court. All of these will give your opponent fewer opportunities for an easy return shot!

Proper Footwork: Wrapping Up

Some might think having great hand-eye coordination or a powerful serve is all that matters in pickleball. However, keeping your feet ready for action is just as important! So keep practicing those fancy foot moves. They just may be what helps you win!

Increased Coordination

Coordination is the key to winning at pickleball. You can have all the skills in the world, but if you don’t have good coordination, your chances of winning are slim. That's why you should run through drills to improve your coordination.

Let’s break down how increased coordination helps you win a pickleball game.


Anticipation requires you to think one step ahead of your opponent and predict what they are going to do next. Improved coordination will allow you to recognize patterns of behavior and anticipate their movements before they make them. This gives you a competitive edge over your opponent.


We covered footwork earlier; however, think of footwork through the lens of full-body coordination. Improved footwork coordination allows for quick reactions and movements on the court. This all makes it easier for players to get into position and hit shots more effectively.


Coordinated strategies require players to think ahead, analyze their opponent's moves, and come up with ways they can exploit any weaknesses. You can also use this information to find openings in your opponent's defense that you can use against them.

Good coordination allows players to quickly recognize these opportunities and act upon them before their opponents have a chance to react or adjust their strategy accordingly.

Increased Coordination: Wrapping Up

Increased coordination directly impacts improved performance. By focusing on anticipating your opponent's moves, improving your footwork, and coming up with coordinated strategies, you will be well on your way toward becoming a better player.

Increased Power

Pickleball is all about finesse. It’s a game of strategy and patience. But if you want to win your next match, there’s one thing that will get you more points: A powerful swing!

Let's examine three reasons why a powerful swing helps you win pickleball.

Maximum Force = Maximum Efficiency

A powerful swing is essential for maximum force and efficiency when it comes to hitting the ball. The more power you put into your swing, the faster the ball will go. Unless your opponent has lightning-quick reaction times, you have a great chance to score.

Unpredictability = Success

Sometimes, your opponents can anticipate where your shots are going. A powerful shot adds an element of unpredictability which makes it harder for them to plan their defense against it. That gives you more time on the court to do what matters—winning points!

Variety = Spice of Life

Pickleball is all about making sure your shots aren’t predictable or repetitive—unless you want them to be! It’s important to mix up soft shots with powerful ones in order to keep your opponents guessing and keep yourself from getting too comfortable with just one type of shot.

Increased Power: Wrapping Up

A strong swing is key for any pickleball player who wants to dominate their next match. Power gives you maximum efficiency, variety, and unpredictability—all things that will help give you an edge over your opponent!

Do Pickleball Drills Help You Win?

Pickleball drills increase muscle memory, agility, reaction time, proper footwork, coordination, and power. Each of these factors plays a considerable role in taking your game to the next level. If you want to win your next pickleball game, start practicing drills today!

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