Mystery Spear Pickleball Paddle

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Introducing the "Mystery" Spear Pickleball Paddle: Are you ready for an exhilarating game of paddle roulette? With the "Mystery" Spear Pickleball Paddle, you never know what you're going to get. We will pick a random SPEAR paddle just for you.

Imagine the thrill of opening a box and discovering a pickleball paddle that could make you an instant pro! Will you be blessed with a paddle that has magical powers, or will you end up with one that gives you the unexpected ability to effortlessly hit backhand Ernies?

You might be asking yourself, "Why would anyone willingly dive headfirst into the abyss of pickleball paddle uncertainty?" Well, my friend, because life is about taking risks, and what better way to test your luck than in the world of pickleball? Plus, it adds a whole new level of excitement to your game. Think of it as a wild rollercoaster ride, but instead of screams and nausea, you've got pickleball volleys and thrilling uncertainties.

Remember, with great risk comes great hilarity. So, my brave adventurer, are you ready to spin the wheel of fate and let the "Mystery" Spear Pickleball Paddle guide you through uncharted pickleball territories? Unleash your inner gambler, embrace the thrill of the unknown, and let destiny guide your pickleball journey!

Disclaimer: Results may vary. We are not responsible for sudden bursts of laughter, elevated heart rates, or unforgettable moments of pickleball madness that may occur during the use of the "Mystery" Spear Pickleball Paddle. Play at your own risk and remember to always have fun, no matter the outcome!


-Face Material: T700 Carbon Fiber (Uni Body Design)
-Core Thickness 13mm
-High Density Polypropylene Core
-Graphics are UV printed directly onto core surface
-5" Grip Length, 4.24" Circumference 
-Octagon Handle with vibration dampening wrap
-Weight: 7.6 oz (216g)
-Size: 15.94”x7.87” (405mm x 200mm)


30 day "Love it or Return it" policy

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After 30 days

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This warranty is VOID for the following conditions:

Normal wear and tear, damage through improper usage, negligence, acts of nature, or accident
Wear and fading of graphics.
Used in commercial applications or rentals.
Modifications or repairs made to your paddle.
Purchased from a non-authorized Bread & Butter dealer.
Purchased paddle in used condition.
Not being the original purchaser.
The paddle was won in a promotion or in a competition.